Our shop is carefully curated and edited with this in mind, with an assortment of the softest, coziest, modern-cottage styles to the finest Italian sateens and timeless classics. Indulge in bed.

Our Brands

In Bed Collection by E.S. Kluft and Co.

Our signature line is made locally by E.S. Kluft and Co. The manufacturers of the Aireloom and Kluft brands. Earl Kluft, the man behind E.S. Kluft and Co. has been making beds for 30 years using old world-traditional techniques forgotten by most of the large mattress manufactures today. Every bed is assembled by hand using the highest quality materials including natural latex, natural cotton, natural wool, bamboo and biofoam. We floor 8 beds from E.S. Kluft including their new “designer” adjustable bases and the brand new “A3 Collection” which allows each sleeper to customize their side of the mattress.

Carpe Diem Beds of Sweden

Carpe Diem beds are recognized by most as the most comfortable and highest quality sleep system in the world. Each bed is put together by hand by a single Swed's Craftsmen from begining to end. Carpe Diem’s carpenters come from a long lineage of artisan wood workers and they take tremendous pride in their craft. A Carpe Diem mattress takes over twenty four hours to assemble and once the job is complete the craftsmen who built your bed personally signs the mattress assuring it meets Carpe Diem’s standard.

All materials in Carpe Diem beds are carefully chosen for quality, comfort, and environmental impact. Carpe Diem mattresses only use natural wool and cotton free from dangerous fire protection and coloring agents. Carpe Diem’s Swan eco-labled beds are the highest quality throughout and stand for environmental protection and sustainable consumption. The premise behind Carpe Diem is to provide the sleeper with the most supportive and pressure relieving sleep surface on the market. They accomplish this by using a custom pocketed barrel shaped coil which gets stacked on muliple layers of subsequent coil layers of varying heights. This allows for maximum pressure relief and a unique fluid and dynamic support surface unlike anything you have every felt.

We encourage you to stop in and try the most incredible mattress made.

Organic Pedic by OMI

Organic Mattress Inc. (OMI) makes the purest all natural latex mattress in the nation. All OMI models are made from only 100% all-natural latex, certified organic cotton and all natural eco-wool from California. OMI’s mattresses and quilts are produced in the nation’s only large-scale 100% Gots certified organic factory. What this means is there are no synthetic foams, harsh chemicals or any other toxic elements which can cross contaminate during the construction process. OMI even goes as far as purifying their raw materials after they arrive and they continuously blow ozone into the factory to help purify the ambient air.

We have the most comprehensive assortment of OMI mattresses and accessories in California with beds for kids and cribs as well.

If purity and comfort are important criteria in your mattress buying decision then do yourself a favor and come in and lay down on the “greenest” bed made.

iComfort by Serta

After selling a well known memory foam mattress for a number of years we have decided to bring in the new iComfort cool action gel memory foam mattress by Serta. The main reason we made the shift was that we had too many complaints that the memory foam beds we were selling slept too hot and were too expensive. iComfort’s new technology infuses gel into the memory foam cells yielding a much cooler sleep surface. Actually the iComfort mattress is up to 12 times more breathable than ordinary memory foam. This revolutionary new memory foam is designed to deliver superior pressure relief and more targeted support while sleeping cooler than ordinary memory foam.

We currently have the complete assortment of IComfort mattresses on our showroom floor including the Serta Motion Perfect Adjustable Foundation.

G.S. Stearns by Stearns & Foster

The new luxury offering by the makers of Stearns and Foster is the brand new G.S. Stearn’s line. Combining their patented pocketed coil and foam injected side rails with the finest natural fibers including cashmere wool, mongolian horsehair and cotton this collection speaks for itself.

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